"No one player is as good as the sum of the team." -- Alfredo Di Stéfano

Reggie Bush, of the Miami Dolphins, celebrated his 28th birthday at the Bernabéu to watch Saturday’s clásico. He got to meet the entire team and gave his thoughts on the stadium’s atmosphere and Cristiano Ronaldo. [photos from Red Bull]

meeting the team: “I met the whole Real Madrid team and got a chance to meet Messi. It was very cool. They’re normal, regular guys, just like us—professional athletes, just in a different environment.

Soccer is the biggest sport in the world, and at the same time Real Madrid is one of the biggest franchises in soccer. These guys are really great athletes, and it was just cool to meet them but at the same time try to realize that they’re similar athletes as we are but just in a different environment, a different sport.” 

the Bernabéu: “It was a cool atmosphere. I really enjoyed it. It kind of reminded me of a college football game, just in the sense of how the fans have their chants and they have a section that’s always shouting and chanting the whole game. It kind of reminded me of the student section at a college football game—they’re very similar, the energy level.”

if Cristiano Ronaldo could make it in the NFL:”Yeah, definitely. Yeah, he definitely could. He’s about 6’1”, 6’2”, and he’s fast. He could definitely make the NFL. That would be interesting to see. If there’s ever a possibility, he should just come out and do some football drills and stuff.”

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