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January 2014

Álvaro Arbeloa on El Hormiguero [+] | January 23, 2014 © 

Former club teammates left video messages for him: 

José Callejón: I would like you to talk about that time when you were a samurai, your true calling, and you nearly destroyed my house with your katana. [picture]
AA: That was his fault. He had organized a Japanese-themed party for his birthday, and he made all of us dress up. I dressed up as The Last Samurai, and it got out of control. I was testing the katana, which was part of the decoration, to see if it was sharp. It was. But I didn’t destroy anything of value and no one got hurt (laughs).  

Raúl Albiol: Hello to everyone except my enemy Álvaro. I would like you to talk about how each time we play in a tournament with Spain, you send bags of candy and cookies to my house a few days before…
AA: That’s one of the biggest secrets regarding the national team, the lack of sugar. I send my purchases directly to Raúl, and he wraps them up and packs them. Since it’s his name on the luggage, he’s the one that gets stopped if there are any problems. We have a doctor who is very strict with our diets.

Esteban Granero: You know that Álvaro is addicted to social networks. Tell us about the time you played a dirty trick and posted a photo of your teammate in his underwear, who got very upset. [picture]
AA: I’m not sure what kind of tail that is, a squirrel or something. A teammate arrived one day wearing underwear like this, so imagine it…” 

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