"No one player is as good as the sum of the team." -- Alfredo Di Stéfano

Sergio Ramos Q&A in FourFourTwo | March 28, 2014

Who is Sergio Ramos? An Andalusian bullfighter?
Well, perhaps I’m not the best person to define myself. Bullfighting is a profession that I considered, but football makes me even happier. I feel a bond with that world because my family and my town have always been great bullfighting fans. It’s something you’re born with; although when you’re out on the pitch you obviously forget about everything, I do feel I have some “matador” qualities.

Tell us about the Sergio Ramos away from football…
A family man, romantic perhaps. I consider myself to be the most romantic of my [siblings]. We’ve always found it difficult to express it to the outside world, and the family; I think they know it, but above all I think it’s the most important thing, along with happiness, which has to come above all else.

It’s not always sweetness and light with your [siblings] though… tell us about playing against your brother for Sevilla when you were a kid…
When I was 15 and my brother René was 23 or so, I was in Sevilla’s junior ranks and he played for a local team. We played a friendly at their home ground; everyone from the town was there and they’d get stuck into us. And we came up against each other: he was the centre-forward and I was the centre-back. There was the typical banter between brothers.

Their goalkeeper was about to take a goal-kick and he starts grabbing me… I say to him, “Careful, today is serious and we’re playing a match…” He was looking to have a laugh but I wasn’t interested in getting involved. So the goalkeeper takes the goal-kick and I go up for the ball with my elbows out and accidentally catch him on the lip. The ref didn’t blow for a foul even though I made him bleed a little. Ten minutes later, their coach saw that I was getting the better of him and took him off: “Aren’t you embarrassed that your 15 year-old brother is beating you to everything?” He’s lived off that story ever since!

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