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July 2012

Pepe & Álvaro Arbeloa will play an exhibition match against Jakarta tomorrow (July 13). Kickoff is at 5:30 pm local (12:30 pm CET).

[I don’t know if live streaming is available, but check the usual sources about 30 minutes or so before kickoff.]

July 2012

HQ Pt. 1 

[Pt. 2]

Photo credit: AP

June 2012

As for Karim, what can I say? He has practically everything. He comes short for the ball, he can hold it up with his back to goal, he combines with team-mates, he can move beyond the defence, lose his marker, he can shoot with both feet, dribble, he’s very complete. Technically, we could see from the very first day that he was out of the ordinary. You could see that in every session. What’s changed is the mentality.

He reads the game very well. He doesn’t mind playing a pass rather than taking the shot if that’s the better option, he reads other people’s movement, combines. It’s not just that he is technically very gifted, it’s that he sees the game so well. And for a No9 that’s unusual. He’s one of the best strikers in the world.

 - Álvaro Arbeloa, heaping on praise for Karim Benzema
June 2012
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Iker, Ramos, Arbeloa, Albiol and Xabi - Real Madrid Euro CUP!!!!!

May 2012

Training gifs, 5.24.12

May 2012

Let us all appreciate the faces of drunk Xabi.


May 2012


Photo credits: Sergio Pérez (Reuters) / Kiko Huesca (EFE)

March 2012

Rafael Nadal Sergio Ramos, 3.26.12 


March 2012

Lass nutmegs Sergio, 3.17.12 

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