"No one player is as good as the sum of the team." -- Alfredo Di Stéfano

Borussia Dortmund confirmed a permanent deal is in place for Nuri Şahin, who has been on loan from Real Madrid since early 2013. He will become an official BVB player on June 30. The deal is worth a reported €7 million.

Nuri Sahin gave a couple interviews to Marca and Ruhr Nachrichten*, where he talked about his time with Real Madrid. 

his year in Madrid: “It was a bit difficult, unlike anything I’d experienced before. It started with a fairly long injury and then I didn’t get back in form or on top of my game. But I won a League with Real Madrid, worked with Mourinho who is a very special manager, and shared a changing room with fantastic players.”

the injury that plagued his time there: “I had high hopes when I joined but I fell injured. I didn’t play well when I did get a chance with the team and while I was out on the sidelines, Madrid were playing really well - and they continued to play well even when I was back available.”

his relationship with Mourinho: “Yes, we have a great relationship. He is an honest person. He was always very honest with me and I appreciate it. He’s very special, both as a manager and as an individual. He’s a real gentleman, someone who always helps you and motivates you. My memories of him are good.”

the decision to leave Real Madrid: ”Mourinho and I spoke in the pre-season, after the first week of training. I told him I wanted to go on loan for a year in order to play more regularly, that this was the best way to get my game back. He told me I didn’t have to leave, that he wanted me to stay and wait for my chance. I told him a year away would be great for regaining my strength and that I would return a stronger player. He understood, accepted my decision and helped me accomplish it.”

now that he’s injury-free: “I feel as though I am improving. I think I made the right decision to leave. I learned a lot there and I was able to train on a daily basis with players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuaín… and that helped me to improve as a player.”

if Real Madrid are favorites in the Champions League SF tie: “Real Madrid have spent the past 10 years talking about winning the 10th European trophy. During every game at the Bernabéu, you can hear the fans chanting about becoming champions of Europe for the tenth time. It shows how important it is for them and also what this competition means to them. But that puts them under an incredible amount of pressure. We on the other hand, don’t have that pressure.”

Ruhr Nachrichten sold the interview to AS, which would explain Nuri’s tweet.

Cristiano is the best player in the world. He scores goals and wins games continuously. For me it was an honour to play with him because he is a very professional player, who trains more than anyone else, a player who loves football. Cristiano lives for football and it shows on the pitch. Playing alongside him and and learning a little from him has been an honour. [How is he as a person?] Look, for me Cristiano and Kaka are the best players and also two fantastic persons. Both have always been very close to me in the most difficult moments I spent in Madrid and I will always be grateful. Whoever says that Cristiano is arrogant or cocky, is wrong. —Nuri Sahin in Marca (x)

Nuri Sahin gave an interview to AS and spoke fondly of Real Madrid.

AS: Do you talk to Mourinho?
NS: Yes, we speak on the phone often. We chat about football and life. The Mister feels well. I think the match against Manchester United is very important to Madrid. Now they are in a perfect position. You hear more about Çakir’s decision than about Madrid’s performance, but Madrid’s performance was very good. They’re doing a great job. It isn’t easy beating Barcelona twice. The truth is that Madrid is one of the big favorites to win the Champions League.

AS: Might your time as a blanco been very different if it wasn’t for your injuries?
NS: Before arriving to Madrid I had already recovered, but then I had a new injury on the first day of training. If I hadn’t had that, I’m sure that everything would’ve gone much differently for me. But these things happen in football. I don’t want to dwell on the past. I’m on a team that is one of the best in the world. I never hung my head, and I believe I’ll have a lot of success. My transfer to Real Madrid was a dream, and I achieved it. In fact, I had other offers that were better financially. I fulfilled my dream but wasn’t able to show my real ability. If you get an injury at the start of the season with Madrid, it makes it very hard for you to become a starter.

AS: Do you keep in contact with your ex-Real Madrid teammates?
: Yes, I always talk to Kaká, Carvalho and Khedira.

AS: How was it sharing a locker room with Cristiano?
NS: It was a great opportunity being able to play with him. He is an incomparable professional, incredible. In one year I learned so much from Cristiano. He is very humble and friendly. Perhaps there are people who don’t think so, but he is kind and humble.

You can not compare coaches. I am glad that I have worked with two of the top-5-coaches [Klopp and Mourinho]. Mourinho, of course, was not thrilled that I injured myself in the second training session with Real Madrid. But he was always open and honest with me, he never talked bad about me. That helped me.

The guys in Madrid are very nice. Especially Cristiano Ronaldo, who gave me courage over and over again in my difficult times. He told me that I’m a good footballer and shouldn’t worry. My biggest supporter, however, was Zidane. To him I had a very, very good connection.

The move to Liverpool was no escape. Mourinho never told me I should leave. But he also didn’t want to put obstacles in my way, when I wanted to get match practice elsewhere. I didn’t want to stay in Spain. I had many offers from England. The greatest interest came from Liverpool. The coach convinced me back then. After this conversation, every player would have gone to Liverpool.

Nuri Sahin (Bild Interview - 24.01.2013)

January 11, 2013 


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  • Cristiano Ronaldo had permission to miss today’s training; he is unavailable for the match because of suspension.

Injury update: Fábio Coentrão joined the group for the 2nd consecutive training. Xabi Alonso, who spent Thursday’s training inside, returned to the group today. After October’s foot surgery, Marcelo finally makes a return to the team’s call-up sheet.

Higuaín press conference

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  • rumors - ”I am as relaxed as I was when I first arrived at this club. I have my mind focused on this team. Our aim is to win all three trophies, I am here for the team and I won’t pay attention to rumours. I don’t have to revindicate myself, I have been here for six years and everyone knows me. I just need to take advantage of all the minutes I play.”
  • the short squad for Osasuna - ”Every player at the club is important and we cannot just worry about the players we’ll be without. We have players that are good enough to get a result and we’ll try to show that. It’s always difficult to go to Pamplona, apart from last year (when Madrid won 5-1). It’s a tough stadium to go to and Osasuna will make things difficult for us. We need the points, we’re going to try and do our best there.”
  • Mourinho vs. Casillas -  ”I’m not going to talk about that because the team is united now. We are all with Mourinho and we need to get behind him and he needs to support us. That’s the only way we’re going to win a trophy.”

Squad list: (20 players)

  • Keepers: Casillas, Jesús, Mejías
  • Defenders: Albiol, Arbeloa, Carvalho, Coentrão, Marcelo, Varane
  • Midfielders: Alonso, Callejón, Di María, Essien, Kaká, Khedira, Modrić, Özil, J. Rodriguéz
  • Forwards: Benzema, Higuaín
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  • starting off the new year - “I think we’re doing well. We started out 2013 with two wins, and that’s what’s most important. We have played well, although the games have been difficult, but what’s fundamental is that we have won.”
  • his goal last season at Osasuna - “I would say that it is one of the nicest; it wasn’t the most important one, but I would especially emphasize that it was nice. Yes, the truth is it was a lovely goal, and also against a difficult rival and part of the victory. I still remember that goal, it was lovely.”

Arrival in Pamplona  (video| Coentrão and Marcelo autograph session (video) | Match preview

Miscellaneous news
  • Nuri Sahin completed a loan move to Borussia Dortmund today. He’ll be there for 18 months.
  • Sergio Ramos called the head of the referee’s association to apologize for his actions in Wednesday’s match.
  • Dani Carvajal told Marca he would love to return to Madrid.
  • Guti confirmed the birth of his son Enzo earlier today.

Nuri Sahin has officially completed an 18-month loan back to Borussia Dortmund. He was halfway through a year-long loan to Liverpool but hadn’t found success with the English club. Both Liverpool and Real Madrid have released official statements on his departure. He is still under contract with Real Madrid until June 2017.

Nuri Sahin Scores First Goals with Liverpool in Capital One Cup - September 26, 2012

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I know that he received an offer from a Turkish club. And I also know what decision he will take in the winter transfer window, but I can’t reveal it. —Nuri Sahin to NTV Spor on Kaká [+]

First Nuri Sahin’s match as a Liverpool FC player.

You’ve signed a season-long loan deal - what are you hoping to achieve over the next year?

I had a difficult season last year because of a lot of injuries. I had three injuries last year. The team played very well, but I didn’t play too many games, so that’s why I spoke to Real Madrid and told them I wanted to go out for a year. I want to play football - and it was important for me to be at a club where the manager really wants me. I wanted to play for a club on the same level as Dortmund and Madrid - that’s why I chose Liverpool. This year, it is very important for me to play. I have to play, improve my game and help the team. If I stay in good condition, I am sure I can help the team and Liverpool Football Club, and Brendan Rodgers and my new teammates can help me.

What did you learn from your year at Real Madrid?

A lot, a lot - not just about football. Of course I did [learn a lot] about football, but not only that. As a person, I’ve grown up. In the last year, I’ve had a child and I now have an 11-month-old son. It was a crazy year because on the one hand I got injured, but on the other hand I became a father, became a champion with Borussia Dortmund and signed for Real Madrid. It was a crazy year, but I learned a lot.


When he heard Liverpool were interested in me, he started telling me about Liverpool. He is still in love with Liverpool Football Club, I think! It’s crazy how he was telling me about Liverpool. He was saying, ‘Go there, you will love it. The fans will take care of you and love you’ and things like that. He said Anfield is the best stadium in the world. —Nuri Sahin on how Xabi Alonso told him to join Liverpool (via hoechlinsituation)

Liverpool Complete Season-Long Signing of Nuri Sahin

"I am happy to be here and I am looking forward to playing for Liverpool.

"It makes me proud to have joined such a big club like Liverpool Football Club.

"After the first conversation we had, I was left impressed by Brendan Rodgers. He told me about how he wants to play football and what the goals are he wants to reach with Liverpool.

"I am looking forward to meeting the fans. I hope it will be a nice year with trophies."


Mourinho press conference - August 25, 2012 (in Spanish but complete translation provided here)


updates on Kaká, Carvalho and Sahin -

There’s not much I can tell you, really. I still think that the transfer window ends too late, because it’s a good thing for everybody to know their definitive teams before the championship starts. We are playing and many things can still change. But that’s the way it is. We have to accept things the way they are. The only new situation is Nuri’s; he’s going to play for Liverpool for a season.

Pepe’s status for Getafe -

We will make our decision today after training. He trained yesterday and had very good sensations. He’ll train today again and we’ll see.

the opinion that Coentrão plays better for Portugal than with the club -

That’s what you think. I think completely the opposite. Against Barça, he had a perfect match. We disagree and my opinion is the one that matters.

Morata’s balance between the first team and Castilla - 

He’s a first team player. When Castilla asks for him to play in Liga Adelante, we always make a decision based on our situation. For their match against Villarreal, they didn’t ask for him to play. For today’s match, they did, but since he will be on the bench with us tomorrow, it’s not possible. Every time Castilla wants him to play and we are not using him, it’s a good thing for Castilla and for the player himself that he goes and play with them.

preference to count on the academy as Barcelona does with their own

The more young players, the better. The more players “made in Real Madrid”, the better. Now, I don’t like the way you asked the question. Because the other day somebody [Cruyff] said he liked to form players, not to buy them, and he won the Champions once and had 4 very good canteranos: Koeman, Romario, Stoichkov and Laudrup. These were 4 really good canteranos.

It’s official. Nuri to Liverpool!


I gotta say it makes me a little sad. But I wish him the best of luck!

Statement from Liverpool on the season-long loan

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