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April 2014
April 2014

Training | April 13, 2014 

The big news of the day was the return of Sami Khedira. He made his first group training appearance since undergoing ACL surgery back in November. Both Marcelo and Sergio Ramos worked out individually on the practice pitch. Absent were Jesé, Arbeloa and Ronaldo, who are all recovering from injury.


- Benzema has overtaken Zidane as the Frenchman with the most official RM appearances (228).

- Both Di María (10) and Pepe (5) are having their best goal-scoring seasons with Real Madrid.

- Wednesday’s Copa del Rey final will be the 7th between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Each side has won 3 a piece.

- Tickets to the RM vs Manchester United ICC match sold out in 1 day. The stadium holds over 100,000 seats.

- According to Bild, RM sold 1.4 million replica shirts in 2013. Over 1 million of them belong to Cristiano Ronaldo, just under the number of Barcelona shirts combined (1.15 million).

- López puts to rest rumors about a move away from the club: “I have three years left on my contract and unless they kick me out –just joking, by the way -, I’m staying.”

- General public tickets for the UCL SF tie range from €70-900.

- Pepe and Nacho were present at the 26th anniversary of a local RM fan club. An award for professionalism was given to Ronaldo. [+]

- AS reports that Ancelotti will have the entire team travel to Valencia Tuesday evening for the Copa final, including those injured. The only exception may be Jesé, who will need permission from his doctors.

April 2014

Real Madrid 4-0 Almería (April 12, 2014) | La Liga, MD 33

  • Di María - 28’ (Nacho assist)
  • Bale - 53’ (Benzema assist)
  • Isco 56’ (Benzema assist)
  • Morata - 85’ (Illarra assist)

Match report | Highlights 

Quotes: Ancelotti [+] || Pepe [+] || Morata || Di María [+]


- Injury update: Despite Ramos’ neck/shoulder problem, Ancelotti believes he will be OK for the Copa final. However, Marcelo is likely ruled out.

- With 94 goals, Real Madrid is the top scoring club in Europe’s top leagues.

- Morata reaches 6 goals out of 282 minutes played, continuing his most effective goal scorer title in La Liga (1 goal/47 minutes).

- López picks up his 15th league game without a conceded goal.

- After the game, Ancelotti and Zidane, as well as Nacho, Morata and López returned to the pitch to thank fans in the fondo sur.

Next training: Sunday, 11 AM CEST

Next match: Copa del Rey vs Barcelona - Wednesday, 9:30 PM CEST | 3:30 PM EDT

April 2014

Training | April 11, 2014 

The squad completed their final pre-Almería session with a few absences. Alonso was given the day off. Marcelo trained indoors; the injured Khedira, Jesé and Ronaldo continued their own recoveries.  Arbeloa stepped onto the training pitch for Ancelotti’s technical chat before exercising with the handbike.

Squad list

Absences: Alonso, Carvajal (suspension) | Arbeloa, Jesé, Khedira, Marcelo, Ronaldo (injury)

Ancelotti press conference [+]

- Marcelo, who wasn’t called up, should be back soon.

- key to the Dortmund loss was the missed penalty; there was too much criticism on the team

- “I heard that Klopp wanted the first leg on DVD so our performance in Madrid must have been worthy of an Oscar.”

- Illarra will replace Alonso (suspended) in the starting XI.

- on the UCL SF: “The Champions League draw is good because we’re in it. We’ll play against a difficult side, with individual and collective quality. Guardiola is one of the best coaches in the world and it is a side with a lot of experience. It will be a difficult game for us, but also for them too.”


- The club will play Bayern Munich in the Champions League SF; this is the 4th consecutive SF for RM.

- Casillas at Samsung event: “[Cristiano’s] a big miss. We can’t have him tomorrow and possibility not for the cup final either. We want him to get better as soon as possible.”

- Bale participated in the club’s first Google+ Hangout. [+]

Kickoff vs Almería (H) is Saturday, 10 PM CEST | 4 PM EST.

April 2014

Real Sociedad 0-4 Real Madrid (April 5, 2014) | La Liga, MD32

  • Illarra - 45’
  • Bale - 66’
  • Pepe - 85’ (Ramos assist)
  • Morata - 89’ (Di María assist) 

Match report | Highlights 

Yellow card alert: Alonso and Carvajal will miss MD33 vs Almería.

Quotes: Ancelotti [+] || Illarra [+] | López || Nacho 


- Bale left the game with a couple stitches in his knee.

- Ronaldo (28 + 8) and Bale (13 + 12) are 1st and 5th in the league with most goals + assists, respectively.

- Morata is the most effective player in La Liga ( a goal every 52 min.); Ronaldo is 3rd on the list (1/86).

April 2014

Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid (April 5, 2014) | Pepe 85’

#Real Madrid   #Pepe   #Sergio Ramos   #MD32   #goal   #mgef gif   #4.5.14   
April 2014

Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid (April 5, 2014) | Pepe 85’ [HD]

#Real Madrid   #Pepe   #Sergio Ramos   #MD32   #goal   #4.5.14   
April 2014

Real Madrid 3-0 Borussia Dortmund (April 2, 2014) | Champions League, QF (1st leg)

  • Bale - 3’ (Carvajal assist)
  • Isco - 27’
  • Ronaldo - 57’ (Modrić assist)

Match report | Highlights

Yellow card alert: Illarramendi

Quotes: Ancelotti [+] || Ramos [+] || Pepe [+] || Ronaldo [+] || Isco [+] || Benzema [+] || Carvajal [+]


- RM’s 2+ goals in 10 straight Champions League matches equals an all-time record held by Sevilla.

- In Ronaldo’s 100th UCL match, he reaches 14 goals in one season, equalling a record held by 3 other players; he also has 49 overall goals in the competition (only behind Raúl with 66). He also continues an 11-game scoring streak.

- Pepe marks 50th UCL match milestone with a victory.

Next training: Thursday | Friday

Next match: La Real (A) Saturday, 8 PM CEST | 2 PM EST

March 2014

Sevilla 2-1 Real Madrid (March 26, 2014) | La Liga, MD 30

Match report | Highlights

Yellow card alert: Alonso

Quotes: Ancelotti [+] || Marcelo [+] || Pepe [+] || Alonso [+]


- Ronaldo scores in 9th consecutive game for the 1st time in his career.

- For the 1st time in 5 seasons, RM loses 2 consecutive league games.

Next training: Thursday | Friday

Next Match: Rayo Vallecano (H) Saturday, 10 PM CET | 5 PM EST

March 2014

Training [+] | March 24-25, 2014 

A recovery session was held Monday; Tuesday’s was the last practice before facing Sevilla.

Squad list | Preview

Absences: Arbeloa, Jesé, Khedira (injury) | Di María (suspension), Ramos (suspension pending appeal)

Ancelotti press conference [+]

- It’s now time to look forward and focus on Sevilla.

- Ramos and Ronaldo were expressing their opinions, not being disrespectful.

- Ancelotti didn’t want to get dragged into referee talk for the Cup final.

- The club won’t report Busquets/Pepe incident, but Ancelotti made a point to note how it may have turned out differently if the tables were turned.

- Either Isco or Illarra will play for the suspended Di María.


- Ramos lost his red card appeal. The club will reportedly move on to the Appeals Committee, who meets Wednesday. If that fails, a last stop injunction could be filed to postpone the suspension so that Sergio can play against Sevilla. The club is claiming that he didn’t touch Neymar nor obstruct a goal scoring opportunity. [pdf]

- A garage fire in Jesé’s apartment complex injured three workmen, one in critical condition. Other RM players reportedly rushed to the scene. Jesé wasn’t harmed but will be staying with Arbeloa in the meantime.

Kickoff vs Sevilla (A) is Wednesday, 10 PM CET | 5 PM EST.

March 2014

Training [+ ∙ +] | March 20-21, 2014 

Pepe (allergy) and Benzema (thigh) made their returns for Thursday’s session. Di María (fever) sat out, and Ronaldo trained individually in the gym; they both were present Friday. The final practice of the week takes place Saturday morning.


- The UCL QF is set: RM vs Borussia Dortmund

- Ancelotti’s thoughts on the tie: [+] “[Dortmund] is a quality team with great organisation, above all in defence and on the counter. To win we will need courage and personality.”

- El Clásico: Alonso [+] | Ronaldo’s 12 goals [+] | Ramos clásico fixture 

- articles worth a read: Di María (by Paul Wilkes) | Ronaldo (by Oliver Brown)

- Ronaldo’s Herbalife promo [+]

- tentative schedule for end of March/April

- reliable kit leaker TSC has more images of the 14/15 home and away kits

March 2014

Training | March 19, 2014 

A recovery session was held Wednesday morning, following the previous night’s victory over Schalke 04. The outfield starters spent the day inside the training grounds, while the rest of the available players were split into groups.

Pepe had to leave because of an unspecified allergic reaction, although it doesn’t seem to be anything that would keep away from Sunday’s clásico. Neither Di María or Benzema stepped onto the practice pitch. The latter is still nursing a small knock to his thigh, but he isn’t experiencing any pain. The club holds onto the idea that he should be cleared to play this weekend, but there are only three more sessions remaining.  The team returned to training Thursday morning.

March 2014

Málaga 0-1 Real Madrid (March 15, 2014) | La Liga, MD 28

Match report | Highlights 

Quotes: Ancelotti [+] || Alonso [+] || López [+] || Varane 


- RM on 30-game unbeaten run for the 3rd time in the club’s history; no other club has yet to achieve this once.

- Ronaldo’s 25th league goal this season is his 240th with the club, just 2 from Puskas. It was also BBC’s 50th in the league.

-Duda’s wife tweets that they’re no hard feelings after Pepe’s hard challenge.

- sweet story involving Ronaldo and a kid named Manolín [+]

Next training: Sunday | Monday

Next game: Barcelona (H), Sunday at 9 PM CET | 4 PM EST

March 2014

Training [+] | March 7-8, 2014 

The majority of the internationals were present for the third practice of the week. Alonso trained indoors with Pepe (stomach flu), who also split his time on the training pitch. Khedira still continues his recovery.

Both Illarra and club president Pérez share a birthday and were greeted by the team before Saturday’s training began. Alonso and Pepe were able to train at the same rate as their teammates, but Arbeloa was unable to train because of a knee injury.

Squad list | Preview

Absences: Arbeloa, Khedira (injury)

Yellow card alert: Ramos (9)

Ancelotti press conference [+]

- Pepe (stomach bug) was called up for Levante but may not play.

- Arbeloa’s injury is unlucky; he will rest for a few days before attempting to train.

- Isco has shown recently that he can play in the team’s preferred formation and is closer to starting because of that. Ancelotti even compared him to Seedorf, who was in a similar situation at AC Milan.


- Illarra turns 24. This is how he spent part of his break from earlier in the week. Ancelotti said he’s apologized for it.

- Zidane to El Confidencial: “I enjoy [being a coach]. It’s what I want to do. When I stopped playing football I went on to do a lot of different things. But in the end you have to come back to the thing that gives you energy and that gives you life. If possible, you should do what you want and, for me, that’s football. I think it’s the place in which I can contribute something, transmit what I feel and what I know.”

- Varane’s surgeon reportedly says the player is fully recovered and can resume playing twice a week.

- Florentino Pérez was a guest on La Sexta’s Salvados, which will air Sunday. When asked by the host if he had any involvement in the Neymar transfer saga he replied with a smile, “You know perfectly that I did not. And it seems ridiculous to me to answer that.”

- The team had dinner at El Espigón around 8:30 Thursday night. Ancelotti told the press he was invited and that Zizou paid. Ramos made the reservation, and only four players were absent: Alonso, Arbeloa, Khedira and Pepe. The technical staff was there as well, and the restaurant owner commented on the good atmosphere at the dinner. Jesé and Isco left together, as did Ronaldo and Ramos. A partial seating chart is here. [+ ∙+]